The Young Musician’s Series – Volume 3, Harmony


Volume 3 introduces students to the basic concepts of harmony in music.

It is offered as part of a six volume set of music education basics.

Each lesson in this book is self-contained but also leads one to the next (as does each volume).

Its information can be applied to any musical instrument or skill level.


Originally written for children ages 8 to 14, it has been enhanced to include any “young musician” – of any age.



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Volume 3, the fourth in The Young Musician’s Series set, was written to introduce students to the basic concepts of harmony in music.

It begins with a brief definition and consideration of musical harmony.  This is followed by an explanation and study of scale degrees.  Volume 3 then advances into an presentation and description of musical intervals.  A detailed examination of chords, ranging from two note to five note structures, comprise the next lesson.  An exploration of chord inversion follows.  Next, Volume 3 takes a close look at the relation between chords and scales.  A description and sampling of common chord progressions follows.  Next, the subject of multiple layers of sound, or voicings, is examined.  Finally, a detailed look at the character and function of tensions (dissonant sounds) round out the material of this volume.

As with all volumes in this series, each lesson in Volume 3 includes a Review of prior lesson data, a statement of current Lesson Goals, intermittent and final Lesson Reviews, a post-lesson Quiz and independent Projects based on the current lesson’s data.  There are numerous illustrations and  music examples, which are both appealing and a learning aid.


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