Music Theory

TYMS (The Young Musician’s Series)

This series is offered as a six volume set of music education basics. It is specifically intended for children ages 8 to 14.  However, any “young musician” – of any age – will enjoy and learn from its content.

The series does not rely on any one musical instrument.  Nor does it assume any performance skill.  Rather, it teaches concepts and detail in each of 6 fundamental areas of the subject of music.  The knowledge gained is fully useful with any musical instrument/pursuit.

Each volume contains a series of lessons in its particular subject matter.  The lessons in each of the volumes are self-contained but also lead one to the next.  The volumes themselves follow each other as well, although they may be certainly be successfully purchased and studied independentl of each other.

Each lesson includes a Review of prior lesson data, a statement of current Lesson Goals,  intermittent and final Lesson Reviews, a post-lesson Quiz and independent Projects which use the lesson’s data.  There are numerous illustrations and many music examples throughout the books.  These are very appealing and greatly assist the learning process.

These books summarize over three decades of very successful music instruction by the author.  They form a major piece of his educational legacy.  They exist solely for your personal and musical growth.  Your advancement is the author’s true reward.

  • Vol 1A –  The Basics Of Music
  • Vol 1B – The Basics Of Musical Groups
  • Vol 2 – Melody
  • Vol 3 – Harmony
  • Vol 4 – Time & Rhythm
  • Vol 5 – Special Effects
The Young Musician’s Series