The Young Musicians Series – Volume 1A, The Basics Of Music


Volume 1A introduces students to the basic concepts of musical symbols and their use in standard notation.

It is offered as part of a six volume set of music education basics.

Each lesson in this book is self-contained but also leads one to the next (as does each volume).

Its information can be applied to any musical instrument or skill level.

Originally written for children ages 8 to 14, it has been enhanced to include any “young musician” – of any age.

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Volume 1A, the first in The Young Musician’s Series set, was written to introduce students to the basic concepts of musical symbols and their use in standard notation.

It begins with the contemplation of sounds in and of themselves. This is followed by an examination of pitches, exact sounds such as those produced by musical instruments. Volume 1A then presents the basics of standard musical notation. This is followed by a consideration of the character of musical notes. The following lesson proceeds to a similar treatment of rests, symbols of silent moments in musical compositions. Finally, the function of sharp, flat and natural signs are discussed and explained in detail.

As with all volumes in this series, each lesson in Volume 1A includes a Review of prior lesson data, a statement of current Lesson Goals, intermittent and final Lesson Reviews, a post-lesson Quiz and independent Projects based on the current lesson’s data. There are numerous illustrations and music examples, which are both appealing and a learning aid.

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