Intro Exercise and Song Guides for Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar, Violin and Viola

Intro Exercise and Song Guides are now available for the Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar, Violin and Viola.

These instruction and exercise guides were written for the newcomer. As such, all material for the plucked string instruments are presented in TAB format.

These workbook have been in use in local Adult Ed classes, as well as in private lessons, to very good results.

All material in these booklets are original with the author or in the public domain.

They are intended to supplement any standard method book with more focused material on finger placement and fingerboard familiarity.

More specifically, these new booklets begin with exercises on each of the individual strings and for various string combinations. These are followed by a number of original studies in double-stops, chord playing and multi-string melodies.

Each booklet comes with a CD of its contents, providing examples of each exercise and for playing along.

If you would like a copy of this new booklet, the price is $15, without CD, in which case, I will email you the PDF.

If you would like the CD included, I would mail the booklet and CD to you for a price of $20.

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