Music Articles

I continuously look for opportunities to share points of music theory with my students during the course of our normal lessons. By so doing, I have tried to broaden my students’ understanding and awareness of the musical factors at play in the material they are working on.

At the same time, I try to remain sensitive as to how much of this type of information can be absorbed by my students in the current moment, given their differences in age range, length of time at study, level of skill, degree of commitment and learning traits.

Each of the music articles listed below were written for a specific purpose, prompted by observation of student need.  Each of the resulting articles carefully addresses a particular musical topic, towards the end of providing a clear picture of basic principles and meaningful application of them. All of these articles were written in order to provide material otherwise missing from the student’s books.

Some of the articles are broad in focus, so they are grouped as General in nature.  Others are written specifically for use on a given instrument.  For the most part, these later articles deal with manual playing skill and its improvement. Each title summarizes the focus of the article.

Below are the articles that I have written over the past several decades addressing the facets of music theory which I consider relevant and important.

  • Song Reading Tips
  • Table Of Common (Diatonic) Scales
  • On The Diatonic (Major and Minor) Scales
  • On Musical Scales
  • On Intervals
  • On Key Signatures
  • Song Writing
  • Improvisation
General Music Articles

Guitar/Bass Guitar

  • Musical Intervals and Distances Between Frets On A Guitar Neck
Guitar Music Articles