Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Form Edit copy

Gift Certificates are readily available for purchase.  You can easily purchase a Gift Certificate for lessons and/or materials for a favorite person.

Upon clearing of prepayment, a certificate will be created and emailed (or mailed) to you for delivery to the lucky recipient.

A record of the Gift Certificate purchase will be maintained here and will remain valid for the lifetime of Epstein Music Instruction and Publication Services.

You may either choose one of those shown below with a pre-set amount or enter your own dollar figure.

If choosing one with a pre-set amount, try to match your choice to the lesson cost total or total cost of lessons plus materials.

If you’re not sure what that amount is, just ask.  We will determine what materials exactly will be needed plus lesson cost, at which time, you can proceed to purchase a gift certificate for that exact dollar amount.

Please note that Gift Certificate purchases, like other products, are not refundable.

Gift Certificates