Our Approach

Epstein Music Instruction & Publication Services provide highly personalized musical instruction services, reinforced with a wealth of supporting materials.

Individual music lessons are the mainstay of this company and have been for over 3 decades.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons are available on a wide variety of musical instruments

Each  of the instruments taught is detailed further down into the site but essentially, they consist of keyboard, plucked string, bowed string, percussive, vocal and fixed reed instruments.

Lessons are typically delivered in one half-hour units weekly, although other arrangements have been and continue to be used.

Lessons are routinely available Monday– Friday, 9 am – 8 pm and Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm.

Lessons are mostly delivered at our students’ homes, far and away the most popular arrangement.

Lessons are also available at my home (about one-half hour northeast of Concord).

Skype-based online lessons offer yet another option.