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This article on Improvisation offers a detailed guide to creating technically sound, aesthetically interesting and satisfying musical improvisations.

It offers many possible actions that you can take when improvising.

After first exploring the simpler options, the more advanced approaches are presented.

Learn from the wealth of musical detail provided and truly gain a sound footing when it comes to your own unique improv.


Then, , beginning with an overall plan to design your improvisation.

Following, the individual categories of notes, intervals, scales and chords and their interrelations are each separately examined, with many specific actions suggested.

with useful definitions and supporting detail .


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Product Description

The Improvisation article was written to provide a guide to this often seemingly vague subject.

Relatively simple things to do are presented first.

These are followed by more technically advanced material and related options.

This begins with a specific and detailed overall plan on how to design your improvisation.

Following this, the individual categories of notes, intervals, scales and chords and their interrelations are each separately examined.  Each category is itself further divided into numerous components, each carefully presented so as to make sense and to be easily applied.

Extensive appendices round out this article, putting a vast amount of musical information together in concise form, thus allowing you to experiment with many different musical combinations.


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Jul 9, 2005


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