Songbook Discovery for Guitar


Discovery, arranged for guitar, contains an additional nine songs, again all original and of a contemporary nature.

It is the second of this series of songbooks.  It continues and advances the attitude present in Emergence, the first of the series.

Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate level students should be able to play the songs within.  Here as well, complexity and challenge increase through the book.  And, as you would expect, the overall level of arrangements is somewhat more advanced.

Its songs too have been uniformly well received by those that have played them.




This book contains nine original songs, in this case formatted for guitar (with a separate staff for voice). It is appropriate for Early Intermediate/Intermediate level players.

It is the second of my three song books, each initially developed and arranged for use by my students to provide them with interesting and challenging material to play. It continues and advances the attitude behind Emergence, the first of these song books.

All songs remain of a contemporary nature, with an emphasis on tuneful melodies, intelligent yet poignant lyrics, varied and appealing harmonies and a host of different time signatures and related rhythms. While the overall style of song is contemporary, each has its own unique feel. These songs are set in a more demanding range of musical keys and rhythms and written to encompass a fairly extensive pitch range.

Through the course of the book, the songs progress through different note registers, gradually introduce new key signatures, employ a variety of tempos, incorporate more complex time signatures and rhythms, and develop the melody within each song by adding harmonic material to them. Technical skills appropriate to the guitar are written in to the scores.

You will find that the entire book is more sophisticated and involved than its predecessor.

The material in this (and all of the books) have been uniformly well-received by those who have had an opportunity to work in it.

I have been engaged in a life-long study of songwriting. Over this time, I have read many books, articles and workbooks on the subject, watched a wide variety of related videos and tutorials and learned to play thousands of highly-regarded songs, drawn from different times in history and from diverse genre. I have attempted to embed the results of my on-going study into the songs presented here.

A companion CD is now available for the Discovery songbook for guitar.

Below are tracks for each of the book’s songs.  They are each recorded at performance speed.



How Much Is Enough?

Peeling Off The Layers?


Sometimes, Love



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