Shipping Policy

We offer a variety of shipping choices, chosen to give you the most control possible over the delivery of your materials.  All shipping methods offered are provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

We will attempt to ship your ordered items as soon as possible.  Typically, this will be within 2 days of order/payment receipt.  Sometimes, we will be able to ship on the same day that we receive your order.  Other times, that won’t be possible, in which case your items should ship in not more than 3 days from order/payment receipt.

The information below was assembled to give you an overview of the various services available.  Please read through what follows, to help you choose how you want your products shipped.

Within the U.S.

Media Mail is the slowest but least expensive option.  Delivery time ranges from 2-8 business days.   Its rate is calculated by the package weight and distance to destination.   Media Mail may be used for any small or large packages or thick envelopes (containing books, educational or printed music/music media) weighing up to 70 lbs. total.  Prices range from 1 lb. =  $2.69 on up to 35 lbx. = $18.45 and on from there.

First Class is much quicker (average 1 -3 business days) and includes other benefits (e.g. domestic USPS Tracking) but is only available for letters, large envelopes and small packages weighing up to (but not more than) 13 oz total package weight.  (Items weighing more than 13 oz total are automatically converted to Priority shipments.)  Its rate is also calculated by the package weight and distance to destination.  Prices range from approx $.50 to $3.  Note: large envelopes cannot exceed 3/4” in thickness and must be bendable; otherwise, they will be treated as parcels.

Priority Mail (Non-Flat Rate) and Priority Mail Flat Rate are both quick methods for use with large or thick envelopes, tubes, and packages containing mailable items and include numerous added benefits.  These include: delivery in  1-3 business days, limited insurance coverage against loss or damage, and USPS Tracking™.

With Priority Mail (Non-Flat Rate), prices are calculated by the package weight and distance to destination.   Rates for items weighing not more than 10 lbs. range from approximately $8 – $15 in the continental United States.

With Priority Mail Flat Rate, the cost is one rate no matter the weight (up to 70 lbs.) or where the package is going. “If it fits, it ships.”  Flat Rate prices vary by type of container.
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envs 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ or smaller” $5.60
Legal & Padded Flat Rate Envelope      5.75 Legal / $5.95 Padded
Medium Flat Rate Boxes     $12.35

Priority Mail Express (Non-Flat Rate) and Priority Mail Express Flat Rate are the fastest domestic service, with overnight scheduled delivery to most U.S. addresses, USPS Tracking™, proof of delivery signature record (if requested at time of purchase) and limited insurance.

Priority Mail Express (Non-Flat Rate)
Priority Mail Express up to 1/2 Pound     $16.95
Priority Mail Express up to 1 Pound   $17.95
Priority Mail Express up to 2 Pounds     $19.15

Priority Mail Express Flat Rate (requires a USPS-produced address label)
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate & Legal & Padded Envelope     $19.99
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box     $44.95
10:30am Delivery Fee      $5.00

International Delivery is included for anyone ordering from outside the continental United States. Its rates also vary based on weight and destination, meaning different rates for different countries.

Priority Mail Flat Rate International accommodates up to  20 lb. in a medium Flat Rate box.
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate, Legal & Padded Envelope”     $20.55
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate REGULAR BOX (MAX 20 lbs.)     $42.25
Priority Mail Intl up to 1 Pound     $29.25
Priority Mail Intl up to 2 Pounds     $31.60

Priority Mail Express Flat Rate International
Priority Mail Express Intl. Flat Rate, Legal & Padded Envelope     $35.95
Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate Box      $66.95
Priority Mail Express International up to 1/2 Pound     $35.25
Priority Mail Express International up to 1 Pound     $38.75