Refunds, Returns & Exchanges Policy

We profoundly want you to benefit and improve from every product of Epstein Music Instruction & Publication Services that you purchase.

However, due to the format of our material, we are not able to provide a mechanism for product refunds, returns or exchanges.

With that in mind, we have made a point, at our website, of providing extensive descriptive and visual material (Additional Information and sample product images) for every product presented.

We have done this in a sincere effort to ensure that you are amply informed before you commit to any purchase.

We also have kept this policy in mind when setting prices throughout our Product Categories.

Further, we firmly believe in the genuine value of the products that we offer and completely trust them to deliver on their promise.  They have all proven their worth many times over the years with students of various backgrounds,types of experience and levels of skill.

Finally, we are available for as much pre-purchase communication as you wish to engage in.  Either phone or email us at will and you will hear back promptly.

Understand that there is no limit whatever on the amount or length of such an exchange.