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Exercise Sequence For Improved RH and LH Coordination for Violin


The exercise sequence presented in this workbook has been very carefully organized so as to maximally improve the ability to find and press violin strings at the various neck positions with appropriate force and in a timely way.

Following its steps significantly improves dexterity, strength and imparts learned fine motor skills.

I have used it for years with consistent success with my new violin students.


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Product Description

This development workbook addresses finger dexterity and the most ideal manner of physically playing on the strings on a violin neck.

I could not find a comparable instruction guide already available so I proceeded to write one.

By keeping its focus specifically on its subject, the whole matter of finger differentiation, control, strength and dexterity is dealt with, independent of other musical complexities.

As a result, students are then able to move on to note reading, note to neck location connection, inter-hand coordination and gradually all of the rest of the music symbols encountered in a piece of music without the drag of stumbling fingers.

As I mentioned in the description to “Early Neck Position Identification Exercises For Violin”, I routinely use this workbook and its companion from the start with my new violin students.  I have found that so doing handles these needs quite efficiently and in short order.

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Exercise Guide


Beginner – Intermediate

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8 3/4″ x 11″


Skill Builders for Bowed Strings


Mel Epstein


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Sep 12, 2011


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