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Here is a friendly but knowledgeable guide to writing songs.

Learn about key song traits, common structural elements, the many possible sources of inspiration, the musically technical parts of songwriting and finish a practical strategy that you can follow.

Here is a wealth of real information that you can acquire and use in your own songwriting efforts.


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I have attempted to bring together, in this one document, a comprehensive  yet coherent layout of the important facets of songwriting.

This study begins with the presentation of the most essential traits of well-written songs.

That is followed by an examination of standard song structure, with clarifying examples and helpful commentary.

Next comes a sweeping review of the many possible sources of inspiration in the conception of a new song.

The relevant musical elements are then presented, one at a time, in depth and with many illuminating observations.

Finally, a clearly stated sequential song-writing strategy is proposed, with useful detail provided at each step.

The article ends with suggested editing and review actions that can be taken to further improve the finished product.

I strongly support the content of this article and encourage you to use to improve your songwriting accomplishments.

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Apr 5, 2005


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