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Interval Exercises for Voice


This exercise guide provides an excellent workout on the more common intervals found in today's music.

Through the set of exercises, you will become intimately familiar with each of them.

As a result, your ability to sing on pitch will be much better and much easier to do.


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Intervals are pairs of pitches selected from the tones in a scale. They form the building blocks of chords and provide a structural foundation to the notes in scales and melodies.

Being able to easily and accurately find and sing the pitches of the various intervals is an essential skill of a singer.

This exercise book thoroughly but in a gradual way tackles all of the intervals commonly found in contemporary and traditional music.

Through a variety of means of reinforcement, much greater awareness of and subsequent enhanced interval perception results.  This of course then leads directly to a marked improvement in singing any of the these intervals at will.




of and creation of all of these intervals


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Exercise Guide


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Skill Builders for Voice


Mel Epstein


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May 10, 2009


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